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Disaster Management Open Platform for Emergency Networks (DM-OPEN)
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Department: Department of Homeland Security
Agency: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ( )
Sub Agency: Disaster Management ( )
DM-OPEN,, was created to establish information exchange and collaboration between existing emergency preparedness information systems.

DM-OPEN is a non-proprietary operational interoperability backbone that provides a set of "level playing field" web services designed to enable disparate third-party applications, systems, networks and devices to share information using open, freely available interoperability standards.

As Federal infrastructure, DM-OPEN is designed to support the delivery of real-time data and situational awareness to public emergency responders in the field, at operation centers and across all levels of response management. It was designed primarily for developers of government or commercial software products that support incident response and recovery who are interested in utilizing a common network to distribute OASIS standards-compliant messages.

DM-OPEN currently provides four active Web services:

1. Admin Interface - Web service interface for adding and removing users to OPEN Collaboration Operating Groups (COG) for the purpose of operational group access management.
2. Common Alerting Protocol SOAP Interface - An implementation of the OASIS CAP that allows for the sharing of Alerts between OPEN-COGs regardless of which system is used for creation. Allows retrieval of alerts by or by time of post.Addition selection of messages sent from a COG, sent to a COG, sent to all COGs, or all of the above. Allows post of CAP messages globally (to all cogs) or to an array of pre-determined COGs. Uses a SOAP Encoded RPC interface.
3. HazCollect NWEM Interface - An interface for posting specialized CAP messages meeting the requirements for NOAA HazCollect system. Messages are to be broadcasted to HazCollect system and stored in DMIS. The interface also allows for determination of COG authorization and which Weather offices and associated FIPS Codes are allowed to a specific COG for building the specialized message.
4. EDXL DE Interface - WSDL interface for sending and receiving EDXL-DE wrapped content of all kinds through the DM-OPEN directed distribution system. Posting and retrieval rules follow the same as for CAP messages except that each item of content is a separate string representing a complete EDXL message with content.

You must be an active member of the Emergency Management community to register with Disaster Management Open.
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Common Alerting Protocol SOAP Interface
HazCollect NWEM Interface
EDXL DE Interface


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