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Greeness Query Service

Department: Department of the Interior (DOI)
Agency: US Geological Survey ( )
Sub Agency: Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) ( )
The Greenness Query Web Service ( is designed to provide a method of easily identifying the Integrated Vegetation Mapping (IVM) and Drought Monitoring data values at a specific point. Since these are raster data layers, the normal identify method did not work. View the detailed USNG Methods description for more information on the methods and parameters used in this service. Visit to view other USGS/EROS Web Services.
WSDL/Data Location:
getAllLandCoverReturns all Land Cover values for a given latitude/longitude point
getLandCoverReturns a value from a single land-cover source for a given latitude/longitude point

Example: USGS_Greeness

    gov.usgs.gisdata.Greenness_Service svc = new gov.usgs.gisdata.Greenness_Service();
    string x_value = "39", y_value = "-77";
    string lc = getAllLandCover(svc, x_value, y_value);
    MessageBox.Show("Response from getAllLandCover: [" + lc + "]");

    // clean up
    svc = null;

private string getAllLandCover(gov.usgs.gisdata.Greenness_Service svc, string x, string y)
    string getAllLandCoverResponse = "";

        getAllLandCoverResponse = svc.getAllLandCover(x, y);
        catch (System.Net.WebException we)
        // we're being redirected by the web service so set the
        // proxy to point to the new URL.
        System.Net.HttpWebResponse wr = (System.Net.HttpWebResponse)we.Response;
        System.Uri u = new Uri(svc.Url);
        svc.Url = u.Scheme + "://" + u.Host + wr.Headers["Location"];
        // invoke this method again with the new URL
        getAllLandCoverResponse = getAllLandCover(svc, x, y);
    catch (Exception ex)
        getAllLandCoverResponse = ex.Message;

    return getAllLandCoverResponse;

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