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GeoCommunicator: Survey Exporter

Department: Department of the Interior (DOI)
Agency: Bureau of Land Management ( )
Sub Agency: GeoCommunicator ( )
GeoCommunicator ( ) is the publication website for the distribution of spatial data from the U.S. National Integrated Land System and the Bureau of Land Management’s Legacy Rehost 2000 (LR2000) System. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency in the Department of Interior, is responsible for cadastral survey, land and mineral use authorization, and resource management on public lands in the United States.

Survey Exporter- provides the ability to pass a textual land description formatted as state, meridian, township, range, section, aliquot and the values of the survey points, control points, and points/lines that make up the polygon are returned.
WSDL/Data Location:
SDExporterReturns the survey points, control points, and points/lines for the specified land description (s)

Example: DOI_GeoComm

private void ExecuteSDExporter()
    gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.SDExporter svc = new gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.SDExporter();

        // test CallSDExporter()
        string TownshipsOfInterest = "AZ14T0010N0050E";
        gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.eContent SDExportContent = new gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.eContent();
        gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.eFormat SDExportFormat = new gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.eFormat();
        string SDEExportTo = "";
        gov.geocommunicator.www.SDExporter.SDExporterResult sder= svc.CallSDExporter(TownshipsOfInterest, SDExportContent, SDExportFormat, SDEExportTo);
        MessageBox.Show("Response: \n" + sder.Message);
    catch (Exception ex)

    svc = null;

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