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GeoCommunicator: Township Geocoder

Department: Department of the Interior (DOI)
Agency: Bureau of Land Management ( )
Sub Agency: GeoCommunicator ( )
GeoCommunicator ( ) is the publication website for the distribution of spatial data from the U.S. National Integrated Land System and the Bureau of Land Management’s Legacy Rehost 2000 (LR2000) System. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency in the Department of Interior, is responsible for cadastral survey, land and mineral use authorization, and resource management on public lands in the United States.

Township Geocoder: The Township Geocoder provides the ability to pass the coordinates of a Latitude and Longitude (Lat/Long) and have the Township, Range and Section values returned in a file. Likewise, a textual land description formatted as state, meridian, township, range, section, aliquot can be passed and the value for the polygon centroid will be returned in Lat/Long format. There is also an option for bulk upload of a file containing a list of formatted Townships or Lat/Long values and have their respective Lat/long or Township values returned. This tool is useful for finding the land descriptions for well locations, pipelines, fires, etc. based on their lat/long location or for finding the coordinates of a land description for inputting into a gps or other device.
WSDL/Data Location:
GetLatLonReturns a text description of the input Public Land Survey System (PLSS) survey area’s center-coordinate. Response packages GeoRSS XML into a larger XML payload encompassed by a root <TownshipGeocoderResult> tag.
GetLatLonFeedSame as GetLatLon however <TownshipGeocoderResult> tag is not included.
GetStateListReturns a list of states and their abbreviations
GetTRSReturns a description of the smallest PLSS survey area intersecting a given coordinate. Response packages GeoRSS XML into a larger XML payload encompassed by a root <TownshipGeocoderResult> tag.
GetTRSFeedSame as GetTRS however <TownshipGeocoderResult> tag is not included.
ProcessBatchDataReturns Lat/Long values or Townships for a file of Townships of Lat/Long values that has been uploaded.

Example: DOI_GeoComm

private void ExecuteTownshipGeoCoder()
    gov.geocommunicator.www.TownshipGeocoder.TownshipGeocoder svc = new gov.geocommunicator.www.TownshipGeocoder.TownshipGeocoder();

        gov.geocommunicator.www.TownshipGeocoder.TownshipGeocoderResult tgr;

        // test GetStateList()
        tgr = svc.GetStateList();
        MessageBox.Show("Response: \n" + tgr.Data);
        // test GetTRS()
        double lat = 33.61704;
        double lon = -112.60439;
        gov.geocommunicator.www.TownshipGeocoder.LatLonUnits units =;
        string datum = "";
        tgr = svc.GetTRS(lat, lon, units, datum);
    catch (Exception ex)

    svc = null;

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